For the First Time..

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When’s the last time you did something for the first time? A week? A month? year or two?? If you are waiting for a little nudge to do it, this is it! I recently went the gun range for the first time and it was nothing short of amazing. Not going to lie, it was a tad nerve wracking walking in. I mean you walk in and there’s all these guns and you watch the little safety video in case you didn’t already know you don’t walk in front of the stalls with people shooting guns. Sadly there are people who need that little PSA.

PSA over and off to the range we went (we, as in the people I sit with at church) So you get your noise canceling headphones (yes you need these) and targets. As you enter the range you start to hear the sound of guns and you get scared. Then you are start having the visions that something could go terribly wrong like this:

And then you hear all the booms and pows and your heart races and your palms get all sweaty and then you think you’re going to drop the gun while it is loaded and OMG what did that stupid video say?!  what about stray bullets and what if I pull the trigger by mistake?!?! This is the part where I recommend going with some one who knows that they are doing and owns a gun. They will bring you all the calmness you need.

The first time you shoot its crazy, cause you really don’t know what’s going to happen or where you are really aiming. Try to keep your eyes open.  Then you shoot and you’re hooked! And not to brag but I may have been a better shot than a marine.

We also went on Ladies night so it was super cheap. (highly recommend) Now I’m sure all you gentlemen out there roll your eyes at the mention of a “ladies night”. The way I see it, if were going to get hit with a bloated emotional bus every month just so we can grow a human for 9 torturous lovely months then yeah, we should get discounts and free drinks. It’s only fair.

As I drove home I realized I haven’t done something new in a long time and I need more first in my life. Conquering those nerves and fears and feeling that boost of self confidence. It’s awesome! Knowing that I am fairly certain if attacked I could defend myself. So I held my head a little higher now and get giddy with excitement thinking of going again. I also am making an effort to do more first and be nervous. Surprise yourself.

 I am open to suggestions on more first so feel free to leave one! Got any recent first times? I would love to hear about it!

Now run along and go do something for the first time.

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