Down Side to 30

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This past month I turned 27. Ya’ll….. TWENTY SEVEN. That is on the down hill side to 30 people. My brother kindly informed me of this little detail when he wished me a happy birthday. This past month or so has seen a dozen birthdays, 1 wedding, 2 beautiful babies brought into this world for me to love on, a good 6 or 7 “due in april” baby announcements pictures. All going with the ever popular adult shoes and baby shoes option. Consequently, this is has resulted in a few gender reveals this past week. All girls. Congrats breeders! But as I inch closer to that 3 in the tens place I don’t feel the crazy need to get married and procreate. I don’t feel a panic to get my life together, all though I do feel like one day some one will call me out on not truly being an adult. For example, going to the bank to handle money matters and not having your parent beside you in the other chair…. it’s just weird some days. I often find myself looking over my shoulder to see if any one has figured me out. But even with my lack of feeling like an adult I do feel like I am getting to the good part of life. It’s just getting good. I have awesome friends. Some have kids, some don’t. Some are married, some aren’t. I love them all for what ever purpose they are serving in my life.

Do I want some one to annoy for the rest of my life and put up with my ridiculous  loving ways? Of course!  Do I want children to corrupt raise to be upstanding people? Absolutely. But for now I am good. I see no need to make a list of 30 to do by 30. This is not a dead line or an expiration. I really truly have no clue where life is going. NONE. This little detail is causing great anxiety some days. I know God has a plan for me and I am trying to listen to what it is. But could the big man send me a post it with some hints?? maybe?? I’ll settle for a vague fortune cookie even My controlling virgo/first born side does not like this open ended plan I have going but I am getting better with it. I know I want to travel and go on adventures big and small. Near and afar. (sorry on the afar part Mom.)

Our 20’s are crazy and we have all been pulled in a different direction. And there’s nothing wrong with any of them. Some people have great jobs and are on a great road to success. Good for you. Some of us have started our own families and I think that’s wonderful. Then some of us are trying to figure out what the next move is. So what ever your adventure is switching to solid foods and finally sleeping through the night, or maybe it’s being top 5 in sales and landing the big promotion. Maybe you are planning for that life changing trip you have always wanted to take. What ever your current adventure may be, enjoy it. Our 20’s are crazy and we are pulled every which way. Personally, I am just trying to enjoy

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