Do I Even Have Style? Week one recap on the capsule wardrobe

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Nov 11

I’ve made it a week with the reduced wardrobe and so far I’m a fan. I only put on one item and said “Ehh” and put it back on the hanger. I will have to give this item a second chance and see what it got an “Ehh” for in my December assessment of my clothes.  A few things I’ve noticed this past week while living on a little bit less are:

  1. I know what’s in my closet so most nights I find myself mentally picking out what to wear simply because I know what’s in my closet.
  2. Less decision making at 6:07 in the morning is a lovely thing.
  3. I’m not sure all my clothes mix-n-match like I want them too.
  4. Or maybe I have an inability to style clothes well and pair things up. 
  5. Less laundry and I don’t hate doing it.

With living on less, my mornings are a little bit calmer and I’m not wasting time standing in my closet like I lost little duck who can’t figure out what to wear. I’m starting to realize what I love about clothes compared to what is good enough and I’ll wear it. As I move forward with my wardrobe I want to have more pairing options and I think I’ll have to scale back my colors and patterns.

Capsule wardrobe tip of the day: Pick coordinating colors.

Using your standard elementary school art class color wheel, you can figure out where to go on your wardrobe.

You can go monochromatic and work with a bunch of shades of one color such as black with various grey and whites mixed in. While this may give a polished sophisticated look to your wardrobe, I think it’s dull and boring. I like a little color in my life, but this may work for you and I say go for it. Staci London from What Not to Wear comes to mind as a write this. However, I hear she has changed her approach to fashion these days. You don’t have to go standard black and white here either. If you are someone who walks into Charming Charlies and just falls in a love with the lay out of that store, I suggest you go here to find your wardrobe in the color of your choosing.


Then there’s a more colorful approach to the monochromatic look by picking a color as your main jam and the two colors next to it on the wheel as your supplementary colors. This will keep you in either the warm or cool color range and keep you from looking a hot mess with colors that don’t match. I feel like mixing in some neutrals on this would be a good balance. My knowledge of fashion comes from a few season of Project Runway so I have no idea if this is wise advice, but I’m just going to fake it till I make it.


Then there’s coordinated colors. To do this you simply pick a main color and a complementary color is located directly across it on the wheel. This gives you a little more excitement in the color department. From my glory days as a sorority girl (Surprised? me too) I rocked the yellow and purple as a D Phi E which complement each other. We’re classy like that. Blue and Orange also complement each other, but as a loyal Georgia girl we don’t wear those colors. However, I hear they go well with jean shorts.


So next time you find yourself standing in your closet going “Ehh” think about your colors and go from there.

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