I’d Rather not meet for Coffee: Budget Friendly things to do with Friends

In college, I would beg my friends to go something fun like white water rafting only to get told: “I don’t have any money”. Three days later we would be at the bar and they’d drop $30 on food and … Read More

Playing with Fire

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“Don’t be afraid of the flames or the furnace, because it is in the midst of the fire that you will be changed. It is in the fire that you will experience the presence of God.” These words written by … Read More

Summer Time Favorites: Because life is too short for dull things.

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  It’s officially the last day of school and that means it’s SUMMER! I’m ready for the beach, friends, silly books, and no alarm clock. This might be my best summer yet, as I’m already running out of days for … Read More

Spring time favorites

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The world is yellow which means spring is finally here and it’s time to shake off the winter blues. I love everything about spring except for this dumb pollen. Spring is just colorful and fun so I figured I’d compile … Read More

Books to Warm up your Winter

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In efforts to read more books this year I have turn my Monthly List of Awesome into a list of book suggestions from myself and my friends! Meg says to read Matilda for a little magic, curiosity and risk Girl … Read More

List of Awesome: December

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It’s December and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Too many baked goods early sunsets make me want to work out never. Personally I am not a fan of the cold weather so I’d like to see this … Read More

Monthly List of Awesome: November

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It’s November which means a full week off of work is near! Also, lots of food with those relatives I only see a few times a year so I still like them and actually enjoy seeing them. Double win in my book! … Read More

Monthly List of Awesome: October

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  Fall is here!!!! I love the colors and pumpkin coffee, football, bonfires and jeans with hoodies, Hocus Pocus.Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. What could be better?!  Oh I know! October’s monthly list of awesome. (How is it already OCTOBER?!) … Read More

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