Traveling is for the the Birds

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A terrible thing happens when you travel. You see, it’s not about exotic destinations or having a souvenir hanging on your wall so you can proudly say “Oh I picked it up at this little street market outside of Rome.” … Read More

The Land of Fire and Ice… and Optical Illusions (Part 1)

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It’s known as the land of fire and ice as the pure white snow sits on the shoulders of mountainous volcanoes and black sand dances on the shoreline. After spending my spring break traipsing around this island, I’ve concluded it’s … Read More

Snowflake Messages

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The weather forecast called for snow and reporters told us we’d be stuck inside for a few days. So we did what Georgian’s do and panicked over a few predicted inches of snow. Yes, that one time we had a … Read More

Two Words and a New Perspective

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I’d made it through airport security and found my gate in terminal B, however, I didn’t pay much attention to my boarding pass, as the people-watching at the airport is just too good to pass up. When I finally glanced … Read More

Find Your Park and GO!

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This weekend our National Parks Service will celebrate their centennial year of existence. If you’re bad at math, that’s 100 years.   Do you know which park was the very first park created?   It was good ole Yellowstone. In … Read More

When you Carpe Diem a Budget Airline Ticket

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One glorious day a few weeks ago, the airline Gods took favor upon me and gave me a half price ticket from Atlanta to Montana. Flying across the country can do a number on the travel budget and this discount … Read More

Traveling and Vacations and why I love them both

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Sometimes we travel and sometimes we vacation. The dictionary defines the two as such: Travel: (v) make a journey, typically of some length or abroad. (n) the action of traveling, typically abroad. journeys, especially long or exotic ones   Vacation: … Read More

To Infinity And Beyond or Just Really Over Par

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I’ve always been good at sports. Once upon a time, I was self-conscious about my athletic ability as a girl because clearly out running all the boys is the reason I’m single. Now being an athletic girl is in style … Read More

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