Capsule Wardrobe Attempt Number 2

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Nov 6th
I did it. I took everything out of my closet and piled it on my bed.

If that’s not a wake-up call regarding how much I own, then I don’t know what is. The leaning tower of clothes left me dumbfounded. After a bit of research I finally had a game plan. I went with a rip the band-aid off method and sorted them into three categories, the be gone pile, the people compliment me when I wear you pile and the final pile I call I have no idea because mother nature is still in summer mode despite it being November pile. This was not a time for over thinking and feelings about my garments.


I grabbed a hanger and tossed it into a pile with no second thoughts. I started this process around 6:45 in hopes that actually wanting to sleep in my bed  would motivate me to get this done. I took to my clothes pile with reckless abandon like a scorned girlfriend with a baseball bat. I regret not buying wine for this moment of recklessness. I was really wishing I had a glass while I admired the graveyard of hangers on my floor.
My only big issue was the whole temperature debacle we’re experiencing down south. I hesitate to put up some warmer weather clothes so I kept a few out and put my actual cold weather clothes on the other side of my closet. I consulted the weather Gods of Atlanta and they claim we will be in the 60’s-70s through the month. My super cute winter sweater I bought at the Banana Republic in July will have to sit unworn for a few more weeks and I’m a little sad about it.

I sorted my summer clothes with ease. I knew what fits and what I didn’t wear. The winter wardrobe hasn’t been assessed in this manner yet so a few rogue pieces are still in the closet awaiting final judgement. I plan on assessing the winter wear in December with what I’m actually wearing. Oh and when it’s actually cold.

Here’s a breakdown of what I kept:
Long sleeve dresses: 2
Long maxi skirts, also known as yoga pants of the workplace: 3
Pants: 4
Sweaters/Camis/Jacket: 8- I wear one just about every day so I plan on evaluating this category
T-shirts/Light Sweaters: 13
Summer sleeveless stilling making an appearance: 4
This gives me 7 bottoms, 17 tops, 8 layering options and 2 dresses.

Total amount: 34

With my winter clothes waiting to make an appearance I will be closer to 40 articles. I felt this was a good starting point numbers wise. Most of the research I have conducted gave a number in the 30s. Some true capsule wardrobe champions had a smaller number. If you find yourself needing a clothes hanger or 53, I will be glad give you mine.

Overall the process was less frustrating and traumatic that I expected, but I didn’t give myself much time to sit and think about my clothes giving me feelings like that one organization lady says to do in her book.


Not sure you want to go all in on a capsule wardrobe? Start small and get rid of 5 items today.

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  1. Jeff
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    Girls tend to overthink almost everything. I’m glad you “just did it”. Good for you.

  2. Megan Ramsey
    | Reply

    I’ll take anything you don’t want. Haha! J/K I should probably go through my closet too…

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