Bad Ass Moms Who Inspire A Single Girl

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Things I know about being a mom: ZERO I don’t have kids. I’m around them all the time, but none are actually mine. I send them home at 3:30 and I don’t see them on weekends. It’s wonderful. So when my … Read More

To Infinity And Beyond or Just Really Over Par

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I’ve always been good at sports. Once upon a time, I was self-conscious about my athletic ability as a girl because clearly out running all the boys is the reason I’m single. Now being an athletic girl is in style … Read More

If I could do it again, I’d do it the same

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Life is full of moments. Big ones. Little ones. Hard ones. Great ones. These moments refine us as much as they define us. Some moments we’d gladly live again and others leave us wanting to burn the bridge that took … Read More

Looking for Lovely and A Little Crazy

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Yesterday the mailman delivered a precious little book titled Looking for Lovely by Marietta native Annie F. Downs. By noon today I had read the whole thing cover to cover. I contemplated coffee around 8:30 last night and just forego … Read More