Spring time favorites

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The world is yellow which means spring is finally here and it’s time to shake off the winter blues. I love everything about spring except for this dumb pollen. Spring is just colorful and fun so I figured I’d compile … Read More

Friends that turn into Strapless bras

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Legend has it that the bridal party was created to distract the enemy from being able to identify the bride and groom and to keep the evil spirits away from the happy couple on their magical day. Over the years, … Read More

13 arduous miles and the crazy reason I run them

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In exactly one month I wake up well before the crack of dawn and run my second ever half marathon at Disney. Yes, this did in fact sound like a great idea in September when I signed up.┬áNow that the … Read More

How wanting a free book lead me to my tribe

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A year ago I applied to be on Jen Hatmaker’s book launch team and get a free book before the release date. That’s really all launch teams are. Get a free book in exchange for promoting it on social media. … Read More