On The Eve of Super Tuesday

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Tomorrow I get to exercise my right to the 19th amendment (15th if you’re a white dude) as a citizen of this country. I have no idea who I should vote for. I am a college educated woman and cannot determine … Read More

When 8:00 is too late to start a movie and other tales of becoming an adult

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Last week I went out with friends and had a great time. We were having so much fun that we started getting the evil eye from the wait staff wanting us to leave. We decided to carry our fun over to … Read More

Will You Be My Valentine?

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I thought valentine’s day was saturday instead of today. I asked my brother if he had plans with his girlfriend and he said “I would if it were valentine’s day”. Shows how in tune I am with this particular holiday. … Read More

Life in the Fast Lane and Why We Should Go Fast

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Do you ever feel like God is just telling you something over and over to get your attention? If you are like me it takes a few times before you notice something being put in front of you. I might be … Read More

No Beans About it: Unique Lessons From Life

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Did you ever own beanie babies? Let’s be real, we all did. How could you not love these adorable little 6 inch bean filled creatures? They were going to be COLLECTOR ITEMS so we bought them and didn’t take off … Read More