Here’s to the year of the unexpected

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Oh 2015 where do I even begin with you. I knew you’d be full of adventure and I was packed and ready for you. I started  you off just doing I wanted to find a new job and travel some. … Read More

I saw Rock City and it Rocked!

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I hate not having a trip planned. If I’m in town too long I start to get antsy and slightly blue. I haven’t been out-of-town since september and it was starting to show. Since the weather man said the sun … Read More

Friday Five: When Life Creates New Traditions

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Traditions give us solid ground to stand on; a comfort to look forward too. Our lives are ever evolving and these traditions we love begin to take a different form. As I watch friends enjoying family traditions I begin to ponder … Read More

Friday Five: Creating Joy

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In high school I had a teacher give a lesson on the difference between happiness and joy and that’s the first time I learned that those words weren’t exactly synonyms. In short; happiness is a temporary feeling and joy is … Read More

List of Awesome: December

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It’s December and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Too many baked goods early sunsets make me want to work out never. Personally I am not a fan of the cold weather so I’d like to see this … Read More