The Church Doesn’t Know What To Do With A Single 28 Year Old

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  The church doesn’t know what to do with a 28 year old single woman. It’s true. I was once told by someone who once lead young adult bible studies “I used to have so many girls come to me … Read More

Friends who join my mayhem

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I am a firm believer that God gives us different people to fit in different pieces of our puzzle. Some of these people are life-giving and some are full of what we will call teachable moments. However, the ones He sends … Read More

This should really come with a disclaimer

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Stop with the disclaimers. Wondering what a disclaimer is? It sounds like this: “I hate to whine but… I hate to be a burden, I hate to ask, I don’t mean to….. But… I don’t know if this is right…. … Read More

Monthly List of Awesome: November

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It’s November which means a full week off of work is near! Also, lots of food with those relatives I only see a few times a year so I still like them and actually enjoy seeing them. Double win in my book! … Read More

It’s Too Soon….

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It’s November 1st and I just saw a commercial for a Christmas movie. Why??? At least let the candy bucket of leftover candy run dry! Can some one from the marketing and retail world please explain why we need to … Read More