I wish I loved it

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes people just seem to absolutely love something and you just…. don’t? I had this same feeling when I tried sugar-free chocolate once. WHY IS THAT AN ACTUAL THING?? Any who.. Here’s a few things … Read More

Friday Five: Five Smiles

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If you are reading this it is FRIDAY (YAY!!!!) so give yourself a pat on the back for making it through another week. I only have 4 more weeks till thanksgiving break. Not that I’m counting or looking forward to … Read More

To The Man Marrying My Best Friend

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  To The Man Marrying My Best Friend, We so excited you are here! I wish you knew how many times we talked about the day you would arrive while we floated in a pool, had some coffee or went on a road … Read More

Friday Five: Five Perks Of Being 28

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It’s Friday!! I get to leave work early and I could not be happier about it kids. This week’s Friday five is all about the perks of being your age. This topic for the week seems fitting as it’s conference … Read More

Monthly List of Awesome: October

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  Fall is here!!!! I love the colors and pumpkin coffee, football, bonfires and jeans with hoodies, Hocus Pocus.Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. What could be better?!  Oh I know! October’s monthly list of awesome. (How is it already OCTOBER?!) … Read More