Why we need cross-generational friends

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        When you grow up your friends are your age. The world groups us by age for school and sports instead of ability levels. With a September birthday I was always the oldest. From school to sports … Read More

Why The US Women’s National Team is Breaking Our Hearts

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As I coached watched the US Womens’ Soccer Team desperately beat Columbia 2-0 the other night, I went to bed sad with the lack of good soccer our team is putting out. I’m not sure what is causing the lack … Read More

People You meet (deal with) at the Atlanta airport

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A recent trip led me to one of the busiest places on earth. Atlanta’s Airport. It really is an experience on its own. You’ll feel like you will have been on an adventure before you ever actually get to your … Read More

Other side of the pitch

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When you coach youth sports you meet amazing families and some shall we say, who let their colors show. After playing the sport and logging a few year of coaching you learn to see the big picture to youth sports … Read More