The Big the Small, Celebrate it all

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              While in Africa on a mission trip, our group had the honor of attending the inaugural graduation of the school we were visiting. Streamers more resembling dyed toilet paper compared to the brightly … Read More

Maybe we should regulate it- a perspective on women’s fashion

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Some days I sit back and observe what my male counterparts get to wear and how the male species get dressed for the day and I think, men sure do have it easy. Wake up, maybe brush their hair, grab … Read More

Traveling is for the the Birds

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A terrible thing happens when you travel. You see, it’s not about exotic destinations or having a souvenir hanging on your wall so you can proudly say “Oh I picked it up at this little street market outside of Rome.” … Read More

When you don’t have a 2 in the tens place any more

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Tim McGraw wrote a song about it and Jennifer Gardner taught us to be thirty, flirty and thriving. It has always seemed as if 30 was a far off distant number. Thirty, such an adult number. A number indicating I’m … Read More

Tearing Down the Fourth Wall

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In the magical world of television and theater, a term exists known as the fourth wall. The fourth wall is in fact, not a wall at all, but a lack of said wall. Stages and television sets are built with three … Read More

One Please…. The Greatest Dinner Guest You Will Ever Have

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A friend recently posted about  discovering going out to lunch by herself and how it was a treat to eat alone. She has a house full of boys and I don’t blame her one minute for enjoying lunch alone. I … Read More

The Land of Fire and Ice… and Optical Illusions (Part 1)

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It’s known as the land of fire and ice as the pure white snow sits on the shoulders of mountainous volcanoes and black sand dances on the shoreline. After spending my spring break traipsing around this island, I’ve concluded it’s … Read More

What’s in a name? That by which we call a girl by any other name than Sarah May

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I grew up being called by my full name, Sarah May. No one else at school was called by their first and last name, but I was. Class rosters would be posted with just first names, except mine. There’s it … Read More

A Feminist Millennial

I was 11-years-old when Brandi Chastain shocked the world with her six-pack abs and black Nike sports bra. The US women’s soccer team had just captured America’s heart by winning the 1999 women’s World Cup. Excitement and joy for the … Read More

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